Diapers Donations Lift Toy Drive

Toy Drive Image
A family was happy to donate Saturday at the Diaper Drive at Walmart.

Walmart Donates $1,500 in Diapers for Toy Drive

WENATCHEE, WA – A load of diapers were dropped off at an undisclosed location in Wenatchee today as part of the Les Schwab Community Toy Drive. Eric Granstrom has more…


Eric – I’m standing in front over over 18,000 diapers here at Santa’s workshop thanks to the gang at Walmart.  We were out at the Diaper Drive, part of the Les Schwab Community Toy Drive and Walmart kicked in $1,500 worth of diapers.  It was delivered to Santa’s workshop here today by the gang at Les Schwab.

It was a lot of cases of diapers and going to cover a lot of hind ends.  Because when parents have to choose between diapers or a toys come the holiday’s, diapers come first.  Now that we’ve been able to cover some hind ends there, we still need your help to cover the Toy Drive part of this.

We have another Toy Drive event at Hooked on Toys this Saturday, so join us and make a drop off there.  Or, you can drop off a new, unwrapped toy at one of our sponsor locations.  Just search Facebook for the Les Schwab Community Toy Drive to find out more.