Developer nixes Leavenworth adventure park plans. . .for now

Developer to resubmit application for conditional use permit at a later date

Adventure park

LEAVENWORTH, WA.- Apparently it’s back to the drawing board for the developers of a proposed alpine amusement park in Leavenworth. NCWLIFE News has learned that the application for a conditional use permit for the Leavenworth Adventure Park has been withdrawn. The developers, John Sutherland and David Moffett had hoped to build the park on the west end of town off Icicle Road and Hwy 2. The plans included the first-ever alpine roller coaster ride in the U.S. City Administrator, Joel Walinski says the park developers have indicated they might resubmit a revised plan at a later date . .

The project is opposed by the group, Friends of Leavenworth, who fear it would add to the city’s already congested traffic and parking. . .Group spokesman, Duane Goehner reacted favorably to the news . . .

Goehner says his group is not opposed to the park’s concept but is dead set against its current proposed location.