Crews rescue climber after he fell climbing down from a pinnacle above Wenatchee

Chelan County Fire District 1 photo

A climber who fell near the top of a ridge in the Wenatchee Foothills on Monday had to be rescued by crews from the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office’s and Chelan County Fire District 1.

The climber was coming down the peak above the WRAC in the Wenatchee foothills when he started sliding and injured his shoulder, said Capt. Clint Webley of the fire district said.

The climber, described as a Wenatchee man in his mid-30s, fell in the morning but was unable to get anyone’s attention until a nearby resident finally heard him about 2:30 p.m..

“He spent most of the day up there,” Webley said. “I believe it was a resident on Skyline heard yelling and rocks falling at one point and found him with a spotting scope.”

The man about 20 to 30 feet below the top of what’s called Butte Pinnacle and about 150 feet above the ground, Webley said, and was unable to climb back up or down.

The High Angle Rope Rescue Team from the sheriff’s office and the Technical Rescue Team from the fire district reached him about 5 p.m. by lowering a rescuer down. They then raised him back up to the top of the pinnacle before lowering him down to the trail on the west side and he was able to walk to the bottom.

Once he’d reached safety, the climber was treated for his minor injury at the scene.