Coyote Reading a Candy Wrapper
Coyote Reading a Candy Wrapper

WENATCHEE – In 1995, the citizens of Wenatchee voted the Richard Beyer sculpture ”Coyote Reading a Candy Wrapper,” as their favorite sculpture from the successful Wenatchee Arts on the Avenue program. As a result the City of Wenatchee purchased the sculpture and it was placed on the steps of the Museum Annex at 217 S Mission, home of the Wenatchee Area Genealogy Society (WAGS) Library.

After many years of sitting alone on the steps, Coyote found that WAGS wanted to adopt him as their mascot. He was thrilled. After all, Coyote has all the credentials required of a superb genealogist—creative, skilled in hunting and tracking, strength of steel, patience, persistence and enduring stamina. Obviously he is an intent reader, and is said by sculptor Beyer to have devoured at least one book.

The public is invited to attend a short adoption ceremony and celebration Tuesday, October 18th at 5:30 pm in the Apple Room of the Museum Annex. Doors will open at 5:00 which will allow time to visit the library as well as view apple history and watch the 1920s apple sorting machine throwing apples in the air.

The Children’s Home Society will conduct the ceremony. Coyote will be represented by his own legal counsel and dressed for the occasion.

“WAGS Coyote” will officially become the mascot of the Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society and be toasted with apple juice from Treetop. “Canned remarks are welcome, but any tall tales” will need to be vetted.

Families are encouraged to join the celebration, tour the library, take pictures with Coyote on the steps, and enjoy the juice toast and apple room artifacts