Couple’s extended stay in gas station bathroom leads to big drug bust

Moses Lake Police Department photo

Moses Lake Police say a call about a couple spending an oddly long amount of time in a gas station bathroom led to the seizure of nearly two pounds of illegal drugs last Saturday.

According to police, just after 1 a.m. they were called to Ernie’s on Kittleson Road as customers became frustrated about not being able to use the restroom.

As the couple, Raymond Shourds, 25, and D’Anja Charlo, 19, of Pablo, Montana, finally exited the convenience store, the officer said he saw Shourds shove a bottle of mango Snapple down his pants.

When confronted, Shourds reportedly gave the officer his brother’s name but he apparently was not aware his brother had a warrant out for his arrest.

So, Shrouds was immediately arrested and searched.

Police say they found cocaine in his pocket and after obtaining a search warrant they reportedly found over a pound of methamphetamine and just under a pound of heroin in their vehicle, a 2002 Audi registered to Charlo.

But Moses Lake Police said they were unable to book the couple into the Grant County Jail.

“Despite having a warrant, and being in possession of cocaine, Shourds was not able to be booked into jail due to current restrictions. Both he and Charlo were released pending charges,” the police department said.

It was later discovered that Shourds had actually paid for the mango Snapple, police said.