County pushes up pipe replacement after another sinkhole near Wenatchee

Chelan County Public Works photo

Another sinkhole found Wednesday in South Wenatchee has forced the county to change plans for replacing a stormwater pipe.

Chelan County says it will need to replace about one-thousand feet of the pipe in South Wenatchee.

It is the second sinkhole on South Wenatchee Avenue near Boodry Street.

The first sinkhole was fenced off after appearing in June.

The new sinkhole will be covered with a steel plate today.

It is on the shoulder of the road, not far from the first sinkhole.

The county received a $755,000 state grant to replace the stormwater pipe in 2021.

But that work has been pushed up and the replacement pipe won’t wait on the grant money.

Brad Harn, Chelan County Public Works road supervisor says it is the third sinkhole in the county this year, which is very unusual.

A sinkhole below Burch Mountain Road was repaired last week.