Convicted traffickers ordered to pay restitution to victims


SPOKANE — Two men who forcibly trafficked women throughout eastern Washington, including Wenatchee, must pay three women victims more than $180,000 in restitution.

Robert Samuel Tillman, 30, of Sacramento, California and Brandon C. Campbell, 23, of Troy, New York pleaded guilty in June and July to federal sex trafficking charges. The two men forced three victims into prostitution in Arizona, Utah and Washington, advertising them for sex online and arranging meetings in local hotel rooms.

During the assignations, Tillman and Campbell would sometimes arrange to rob their victims’ customers at gunpoint. Prosecutors said they controlled their trafficking victims through threats, force and administering drugs.

One victim escaped in Pasco in 2018, and another, who was 17 at the time, was rescued by police in an undercover sting operation in Tacoma, U.S. District Court records show. Campbell pleaded guilty to a charge of sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion, while Tillman pleaded to conspiracy to commit the same offense.

Campbell is serving seven and a half years in federal prison; Tillman was sentenced to 15 years.