Controlled burn aims to train firefighters and homeowners on Monday


Chelan County Fire District 1 is partnering up with a group of property owners to conduct a controlled burn along Highway Two in the Monitor Flat Monday morning.

It’s a training exercise for wildland firefighters but also will help make homes in the area more fire safe. The fire district’s community wildfire liason, John Riley talked about it with NCWLIFE.

“We’ve been working with residents around Wenatchee raising awareness on wildfire risk, specifically to structures on our wild and urban interface,” Riley said. “We had an opportunity to work in the West Ridge neighborhood with residents who have been proactive about reducing their widlfire risk.”

Riley said the district made an agreement with residents to do a training fire

“It is a dual benefit– we have an opportunity for our firefighters to train and practice tactics and get new education on the wild and urban interface,” Riley said. “But it’s also going to burn off piles that homeowners have created, reducing fuels around their structures.”

Riley said crews will start a test fire in the morning and look at fire behavior and weather for smoke distribution, progressively igniting piles throughout the day.

“It’ll be visible from I would imagine just about everywhere in Wenatchee,” Riley said. “We are getting close to wildfire season, we’ve already seen a few small brush fires in Chelan County. Certainly fuels are drying out.”

The training burn is scheduled to start in the 9 a.m. hour.