Construction prices are going, going, gone

Commissioners struggle with bringing in bids for county projects


WENATCHEE- As the summer construction season ramps up Chelan County Commissioners express concerns about higher than expected costs. Commissioner Keith Goehner says its an expensive bidding climate.

“The unfortunate thing with some of these bid openings that we’ve had, we have had some where we’ve had no bidders, and then we’ve had some bids that were way beyond the engineer’s estimate and we’ve had to reject all bids,” Goehner said. “It’s been a challenge actually to get some of these projects and get contractors to do them. I’m not sure if it’s because there’s just so much activity and it’s not a high priority for them to work with the county or what.”

Commissioners report several projects are currently under construction. The Eagle Creek Road improvements have been completed in the Leavenworth area and crews continue to do chip sealing work around the county. The Mission Ridge Road improvements are also underway.