Congressman Newhouse backs President Trump’s call for increased border security


You can add 4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse’s name to the list of House Republicans who back President Trump’s call for immigration reforms and a border wall. Commenting on the ongoing government shutdown, Newhouse said he’s hoping for a break in the budget standoff.

“I think today it’s up to House Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, to come forward with a reasonable compromise with the President, and reopen the government. I think the onus is on them to do that,” Newhouse said. “They need to not only get the government open but also provide for increased security at our border. I think we can make a part of this negotiation possible, provide that certainty for DACA recipients, I think that would be a responsible thing to do as well.”

Meanwhile, Newhouse’s newly elected 8th District House colleague, Democrat, Kim Schrier says in a Facebook post:

“We need to #endtheshutdown for the orchardists who rely on farm subsidies, children & families who count on food stamps to make ends meet, and the Rangers who keep our beautiful public places safe and pristine.”

The shutdown is poised to enter its third week with no resolution in sight.