Congress to Consider Bill to Delist Gray Wolves as Endangered Species

gray wolves

WASHINGTON DC- Gray Wolves would be removed from the Federal  Endangered Species list if legislation co-sponsored by 4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse passes. Newhouse and Wisconsin Congressman, Sean Duffy introduced legislation with bipartisan support that would return management of gray wolves to state control.

Management of these gray wolves were transferred from the state to the federal level in 2014. Newhouse says the designations leave farmers and ranchers without a legal avenue to protect their livestock from wolves. There are currently 10 confirmed wolf packs in Washington State with most of the animals located in the Northeast part of the State.

Congressman Newhouse says “According to the U.S. Department of Interior and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s best available scientific evidence, the gray wolf is not endangered and no longer warrants federal endangered species’ protection. Our bipartisan legislation would take sound science into account. It would return management of the gray wolf to the states according to the needs of the species as well as the needs of farmers and ranchers in Central Washington.”

Congressman Duffy said  “Wisconsin deserves the opportunity to use science-based wildlife management for our own gray wolf population, because we know what’s better for our state’s ecosystem better than activist judges in Washington. I’m proud to introduce bipartisan legislation to delist the gray wolf because Wisconsin farmers deserve to be able to protect their livestock, and they should not suffer because of the decisions made by an overreaching federal government a thousand miles away.”