Commissioners attend forest health meeting sponsored by Sen. Brad Hawkins

forest health

WENATCHEE- Chelan County Commissioners Kevin Overbay and Keith Goehner attended a Forest Health meeting sponsored by Sen. Brad Hawkins and Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz with a panel addressing forest health in Washington State.

Overbay said attendees learned more about current and future practices for forest health.

“Senator Hawkins and Commissioner Franz were both in attendance, but the panel was made up of a diverse group in regards to forest health. We had an opportunity to talk to the attendees that were there last night, roughly about 60 people or so, attended that at the museum,” Overbay said. “We talked through the Community Planning and Assistance process and we’ve actually received a CPAW grant which is a Community Planning and Assistance for Wildfire grant, so working with that team to identify risk areas.”

A Wildland Urban Interface Task Force was put together last week, Overbay said.

“We had an opportunity to share that with folks last night as well as work that is being done by the North Central Washington Forest Health Collaborative,” he said. “It was greatly attended and a lot of good information was provided.”