Columbia Fruit discloses 31 COVID-19 cases among packing workers


EAST WENATCHEE — A total of 31 workers at a Columbia Fruit packing facility in East Wenatchee have now tested positive for COVID-19.

The first three cases came to light between June 25 and 29, the company said in a news release Monday. After closing down its packing line for cleaning and contact tracing, a further 12 employees tested positive, and the fruit company asked to have its remaining 93 workers tested Thursday by Columbia Valley Community Health.

None showed symptoms, but those tests confirmed 16 more cases.

The packing facility is located near Pangborn Airport. Columbia Fruit says those who’ve tested positive are now in isolation. They can return to work after 10 days if they show no further symptoms.

The findings help bring the Valley’s total coronavirus cases to 667 as of this morning, with 190 patients testing positive in the last 14 days.