Weather 8-12-20


A mid-level cold front will push across the Inland Northwest today bringing morning clouds and =much cooler temperatures. The cloud cover will make for a trickier high temperature forecast as places like the Methow Valley, Okanogan Valley/Highlands, Wenatchee Valley and Waterville Plateau to the Western Columbia Basin should see those clouds clear out by the early afternoon with sunshine more prevalent than the rest of the forecast area. Northcentral Washington weather for today calling for clearing skies and cooler than normal temperatures with afternoon highs today only in the lower 80’s.

As the weak weather system moves away on Thursday, expect cooler than normal temperatures to stick around with sunny skies and afternoon high temperatures in the mid 80’s.

Friday our weather will get back to normal for this time of year with lots of sunshine and highs in the upper 80’s.

90 degree temperatures will return just in time for the upcoming weekend across Northcentral Washington as hot high pressure centered over the Four Corners area of the desert southwest begins to expand into the Pacific Northwest. With sunny skies both days this weekend afternoon highs will reach the lower to mid- 90’s on Saturday to the mid and upper 90’s on Sunday.

The weather ridge of high pressure will begin to break down somewhat on Monday but not before Wenatchee Valley high temperatures top out from 95-105 degrees. Under sunny skies on Tuesday, afternoon highs will top out in the mid to upper 90’s.