City reviews proposal to establish districts for equal representation on city council


Wenatchee’s City Council held a special meeting Thursday night, reviewing the proposal for moving the city council positions to representatives of districts rather than an at large election process.

In 2015 the Wenatchee City Council established a committee charged with the task of coming up with a set of options to establish districts that have equal representation in the city council.

With the 2018 election process already underway the council will begin to implement one of the three proposed options into place following the election to avoid confusion for voters. Creating a five or seven district layout for Wenatchee will mean that voters within each district will elect their own council member during a primary election.

Moving the Council positions to districts will give better representation to the legal voting population within each district and reduce the possibility for gerrymandering. Districts lines are drawn based on population, and have to be continuous with no breaks or “Islands.”

Districts will also effectively give appropriate representation to the Latino population. The Council will decide whether to choose one of the proposed options after further research or may hold it to a public vote.