City of Chelan $3 million short for airport waterline project

Lake Chelan Airport

With more than a year of planning under their belts, the city of Chelan marches on in its efforts to bring water to the Lake Chelan Airport. The project aims to bring healthy drinking water to 250 residents and promote future development in the area.

Extending the waterline from the Apple Blossom Center to the airport would fulfill the city’s fire flow requirement for development and could bring more jobs according to an economic study, Mayor Mike Cooney said.

City falls short on Department of Health loan

The city of Chelan learned they received $3 million in a loan from the Department of Health, half the amount they were hoping for in the estimated $6 million project.

“We got $3 million of the loan [from the Department of Health] so we will have to fill the other $3 million,” Cooney said. “At one point we were under the understanding that it would be $6 million that we would get to build this, and [the DOH] would forgive half of it. That’s not necessarily how the Department of Health saw it.”

The city will continue to pursue more grants and partnerships to find the final $3 million, including reaching out to state representatives for possible funding at the state-level, Cooney said.

“I have high hopes,” Cooney said. “We are working on getting loans, grants and seeing if there is a larger contribution from some of our partners already including the County and the Port of Chelan County.”