Chief Brett provides update on wildfire prevention in Wenatchee


The goats released into the Wenatchee Foothills last Tuesday have been productive in their efforts to remove fuels in the area.

Over 300 goats were released last week in a subdivision of the Broadview neighborhood in efforts to help prevent wildfires in the area.

Chelan County District 1 Chief Brian Brett says the pilot project could not have gone any better for county officials.

“It has went better than ever could have anticipated. We are super excited to apply for grants and determine other areas within the fire district where we can utilize the goats for further fuel reduction work,” Brett told NCWLife.

He continued by saying the next step for the county is to evaluate the impact of the goats and assess future plans to bring them back.

“We’ll see how long it lasts and what the frequency is we need to get the goats back in to keep the fuels reduced,” Brett said.

No area homeowners have had any negative comments or complaints about the goats in their efforts so far.

The goats will continue to eat in areas of Wenatchee for the next day before returning to Ephrata.