Cherry pit spitters let it fly at Pybus Public Market


WENATCHEE- People of all ages made a stop at Pybus Public Market on Wednesday to participate in the fifth annual cherry pit spit contest.

Contestants were given three cherries each at the concourse with a section of the floor roped off for the competition. With professional tobacco spitters ineligible, a wide array of methods were used to get the pit down the course.

First timer Keith Kirkpatrick says he brought his previous experience spitting watermelon seeds to the competition.

“I told my wife Marilyn that I had won the watermelon seed spitting [competition] in college, so I knew I could,” Kirkpatrick said. “I’ve practiced spitting cherry pits also.”

Kirkpatrick said he tried to keep the pit at the end of his tongue, keeping a curl in his tongue to catch the wind and lift the pit down the course, reaching 43 feet on his third try.

“I knew he had skills, so I expected him to do well,” said Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

The couple planned to attend festivities in George, but came to Pybus Market specifically for the competition.

“I said ‘I wanna do the cherry pit spitting!’,” Kirkpatrick said, laughing. “We came here and I’m glad I did.”