Chelan homeowner spots bobcat in her backyard


After weeks of seeing paw prints, Jessie Simmons was excited to get some footage of a bobcat that has been roaming her property north of Chelan. And now she has a name for him … Hobbes.

Chelan homeowner spots bobcat in her backyard

“We started seeing prints in our yard about a month ago,” Simmons said. “Then we got a trail cam to set up, we have a big piece of property so we followed prints all around the property and put the trail cam up there.”

Simmons said she has only seen one bobcat thus far, and she’s crossing her fingers for baby bobcats this spring.

“We get a lot of creatures, we have a bear that we’ve seen once, and we get a lot of coyotes and deer,” Simmons said. “But this is the first time we’ve seen a bobcat so we’re really excited, we’re not worried about it at all.”