Chelan deciding whether to purchase waterfront land


The City of Chelan will consider buying almost 10 acres of undeveloped lakeside property not far from Don Morse Park.

The city council will meet Tuesday at 6 p.m. to consider the Spader Bay purchase.

The advertised sale price for the Lake Chelan property is just under $2 million.

It has been on the market for some time.

What the city would is willing to pay is unclear.

That will be the key issue at Tuesday’s meeting.

But Chelan Mayor Mike Cooney said $2 million is unlikely.

Called the O’Neal Property, the land is owned by former State Senator Linda Evans Parlette and her sister.

Cooney said the city’s vision for the property does not include substantial development.

“It’s a open space that’s adjacent to the water. It’s not typical waterfront property … but there are improvements that could be made to have it water accessible,” Cooney said.

He said the appeal of a purchase is it would keep a big swath of land as open space.

“We’ve made a promise to the city, or at least I did, that whenever a piece of property would come on the market we would take a serious look at it for open space,” Cooney said. “That we would look at it for some type of amenities for the town.”

Significant development not in the plans

There is an old service road that forms the basis for a trail, he said. The trail that goes from from Don Morse Park to the roundabout could loop into the Spader Bay property.

The upper bench of the property is flat and could be used for a “passive park,” he said. But that would not include amenities like picnic shelters or play equipment for kids.

There could, however be additions along the water for picnicking and it could serve as a place for kayak, canoes and paddleboards to come up from the water, Cooney said.

This potential purchase is just part one of a two-part development by the city’s lanscape architect JA Brennan.

That plan involves coming up with up to eight road-ends into the lake.