Chelan County PUD to purchase land for new substation in Olds Station


WENATCHEE-With the help of Stemilt Growers, yesterday the Chelan County PUD Commissioners unanimously approved the purchase of a 1-acre piece of land in Wenatchee’s Olds Station industrial park for a new substation.

The new substation, tentatively called “Ohme”, will replace the aging substation at Old Station that was built in 1979. Stemilt is expanding it’s operations in Olds Station and already had level property available for the PUD to purchase.

Dan Frazier, PUD Shared Services Director, says that thanks to cooperation with Stemilt, this land purchase was possible.

“Thank you Martin [Davy] for all the work that you did,” Frazier said. “He bridged the gap between Stemilt and Chelan PUD on understanding property lines, grades, who was going to do what and estimating the values of things being exchanged so thank you Martin.”

As a consideration of the land purchase, the PUD District would reserve for Stemilt a certain amount of substation capacity to serve Stemilt’s projected increase in demand at that location.

The current substation is at 90-percent capacity with aging equipment and not enough room to increase power capacity. Once an agreement is finalized, the next steps are to apply for permits this fall, design the facility and start building sometime in 2018 or 2019.