Chelan County listed on Homeland Security report: “declined inmate holds for ICE”


A new weekly report enacted by President Trump through a Jan. 25 Executive Order put Chelan County Regional Justice Center on a list of state and local jails who refused to hold a suspect on an ICE detainer.

According to the “Declined Detainer Report,” jails that do not hold inmates for ICE detention are labeled as Non-Cooperative.

Chelan County refuses ICE holds, named on “Declined Detainer” report

ICE holds are requests for jails to hold inmates for 48 hours after their release date for ICE agents to pick up and process individuals suspected of illegally immigrating into the U.S. These immigration detainers, or ICE holds, were ruled an unconstitutional basis for imprisonment in federal courts, Chelan County stopped ICE holds in 2014. The Chelan County Prosecuting office said the ICE detainers were not a legal document to hold inmates on.

The report outlines detainer requests spanning seven days in 2017, Jan. 28 through Feb. 3, with Chelan County logging one refusal during the report’s time frame. In total, jurisdictions declined 206 detainers issued by ICE. According to the report, the Chelan County inmate was of Mexican origin, and was convicted of domestic violence.

Chelan County jail director Curt Lutz said the county works on a local level with local ICE to communicate on inmates of interest.