Chelan County Fire Districts gain voter support on levy lid lifts


CHELAN COUNTY- Wenatchee and Leavenworth area fire officials were all smiles this morning following the results of Tuesday’s primary election.

Chelan County Fire District One Chief Mike Burnett says he was extremely grateful for the voter’s support.

“We appreciate the citizens of Chelan County Fire District 1 supporting us, and we have frequently said that if we have a good message and work together the citizens have shown that they will support us and once again they have,” Burnett said. “On behalf of the commissioners and the people that work at Chelan District 1 were all extremely pleased and thankful.”

Chelan County Fire District 3 Chief Kelly O’Brien expressed his appreciation.

“It’s a whole new beginning for us essentially in fire protection business and we look forward to starting that process,” O’Brien said.

Election day was marred by poor air quality caused by smoke drifting in from Canada’s wildfires. Could that have influenced the vote?

“I didn’t order that up at all, I like my clean air as much as anybody else, although a couple community members said ‘well that was timely of you’,” O’Brien said.

The levies are both passing with over 70 percent approval.