Chelan County Commission Candidates Gather


Chelan County Commission Candidates Forum

WENATCHEE, WA – The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a candidates forum this morning at Pybus Public Market. It was a chance for the five candidates running for the Chelan County Commission District 2 position to introduce themselves. . .

Each candidate was given 60-seconds for an opening statement.

Candidate Zachary Miller
First up was candidate Zachary Miller (No Party Preference).  “There are so many things that we can think about as we go into our future.  How we’re going to make that happen.  We know about some of the existing problems that are out there.  Like housing’s not going down.  In fact, we need to look at real solutions for that.  We have this incredibly diverse economy in tourism and agriculture and construction.  We need to look at ways to advocate for that.  And all these things matter so deeply for me.  And I know this is my first foray into public service, but the thing is that I have an incredible amount of passion for the people and the place that we live in.”

Candidate Bob Bugert
Next was candidate Bob Bugert (No Party Preference).  “I’ve really found that where we get things done is where we have the ability to listen one another.  To bring together all ideas in a very close level to have discussions about what is best for our community.  And then when we have a plan that meets the needs of most people, then we can proceed and we are very powerful and can get things done.  We can get things done, if we work together.  And I believe I have that kind of track record, that kind of experience.”

Candidate Robert Moelder
Third up was candidate Robert Moelder (Independent).  “You know I really love the community values that, up and down the valley, throughout the county that our community exudes.  And certainly, it has become the most desirable locations in the country for people to move to.  But as that has happened, we have more and more pressures that are potentially impacting our community.  And I want to try to bring my experience having managed with the U.S. Forest Service, in what I would say is a very fiscally conservative manner, to county government.”

Candidate Lee Duncan
Next to speak was candidate Lee Duncan (No Part Preference).  “Having worked for the county, I’m the only candidate that has the inside knowledge and know-how, and know how the county functions and doesn’t function.  And how to internally empower people that need to be empowered and fill positions that need to be filled with the right people.  To get the right people in the right positions.  So the county can start to function for its citizens again.”

Candidate Shon Smith
Last up was candidate Shon Smith (Republican).  “We need to ensure that we have enough houses for the ones coming into the valley and everyone’s that’s already in the valley.  We need to ensure that we have enough jobs for everybody that’s coming to the valley.  And not just the high-paying jobs, but middle-income jobs as well.  I’ve had the opportunity to own and operate the Wok About Grill here in the valley for the past 22-years.  And it has given me a perspective on what is needed for the, not only our population and customers, but from the employee’s standpoint to what their needs are as well.”

The Chamber will host seven candidates running for two positions in the State’s 12th Legislative District at Pybus Public Market tomorrow (Thursday) morning, starting at 7:30 a.m.