Cashmere-based insect breeder wins Flywheel grant award


WENATCHEE, WA.-A Cashmere insect breeder is this year’s Flywheel Investment Conference winner.Beta Hatch walked away from last week’s event with a 135-thousand dollar grant. A second start-up company, Prescryptive Health, received 50-thousand dollars in the Shark Tank-modeled event that is hosted by GWATA.

Beta Hatch and Prescryptive Health, along with four other startup companies, competed for funding during a “shark tank” style competition at the Stanley Civic Center.  For the first time at the Flywheel Investment Conference multiple investment awards were given. Beta Hatch was selected as the 2019 Flywheel Investment Conference winner and recieved a $105,000 investment award. Beta Hatch received an additional $25,000 in funding and was voted by the audience as the conference favorite, taking home a $5,000 cash prize. Beta Hatch will also receive an exclusive highlight video produced by North 40 Productions. In addition, Prescryptive Health received $50,000 in funding.

Virginia Emory of Beta Hatch provided by GWATA

Beta Hatch industrializes insect production for animal feed to create more sustainable and predictable nutrients for poultry and aquaculture. Beta Hatch’s secret sauce includes proprietary breeding stock and genomic tools, trade secret processes to grow insects more efficiently and the equipment and know-how to produce protein at 5,000x the acre yield of soy. Beta Hatch is gearing up to build their first commercial scale facility in Cashmere, where they will be using waste heat from a data center to fuel their insect production. They have plans to rapidly deploy dozens of farms to scale the production of insects as a new crop.

Chris Blackley and Kevin Young of Prescryptive Health provided by GWATA

Prescryptive Health is a healthcare technology company that is transforming the prescription benefit market with consumerization and a modern cloud-based commerce platform leveraging blockchain. Prescryptive Health provides a more efficient, free-market-based platform for direct, transparent commerce among market participants Leveraging a private blockchain commerce program together with a mobile consumer experience, traditional supply chain intermediaries that absorb over $100 billion a year are replaced with a transparent value network that eliminates their control over market access and price.

The Flywheel Investment Conference is directed by the non-profit organization GWATA. The Conference was presented by Confluence Health, Microsoft, Moss Adams, and Ogden Murphy Wallace; with additional support  from Port of Chelan County, City of Wenatchee, Port of Douglas County, North 40 Productions, Clark Nuber PS, North Cascades Bank, Karr Tuttle Campbell, Washington State Department of Commerce, Christine Douglas Broker / REALTOR®, Cascade Auto Center, Native Network, Icicle Broadcasting, Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, PetHub, and Washington Technology Industry Association.