Cantwell answers community questions during town hall at Wenatchee HS


WENATCHEE- Health care and climate change were the main topics of discussion Saturday morning during Senator Maria Cantwell’s town hall meeting at the Wenatchee High School auditorium.

Nearly 600 attendees took advantage of the opportunity to ask Senator Cantwell questions and to voice their concerns.  Dr. Peter Rutherford, CEO of Confluence Heath, asked the Senator if the nation as a whole had an identity crisis.

“I think the information age–I’m sure people watched T.V. before they got here and saw things that were happening all around the country and the globe, I’m sure people are watching on a device right now,” Cantwell said. “That information overload can feel a lot like the crisis’ of the moment. Do I think that we have a big challenge? Yes I think were in this changing economy.”

Cantwell cited Harry Truman in her ideologies around America’s identity.

“I believe what Harry Truman said– America is not built on fear, it’s built on hard work and determination to complete the job at hand, to prepare for that economy of the future and what other things we need to do,” Cantwell said, adding that she believes America has held on to its values.

“To be for the rule of law, to be for the freedom of the press–that’s what we should be holding up,” Cantwell said. “I don’t think our values have gone anywhere, I just think we are bombarded about information and we have to step back and say okay, how are we going to navigate this future. We have navigated a lot of tricky, challenging situations in the past and we can navigate this one as well.”

Senator Cantwell also spoke about her decision to hold a town hall meeting in Wenatchee.

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