Calling all makers for the 4th annual Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire


Calling all makers! The 4th annual Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire is approaching June 1 at the Town Toyota Center.

Whether you’re an artist, scientist, entrepreneur or tech enthusiast, the Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire draws more than 2,500 people who want to learn more about what you do.

The faire is a one-day free event for the community to connect and learn more about local innovators from around the state. Led by the non-profit GWATA, the event is organized by more than 20 students and invites a wide range of makers.

Students and educators are invited to submit a proposal to showcase the innovative work they are doing in the classroom in regards to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. There are no exhibitor fees for students or educators to showcase their work.

Any group or individual participating at the faire for non-commercial (not selling or promoting) purposes can participate for free. Commercial vendors and non-profits are encouraged to participate with an exhibitor fee of $100 to $250.

The event is asking locals to apply online to participate. Applications are open until May 17th, visit

The Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire was started in 2015 under the organization of students from Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire. More than 20 students volunteered to organize and run the entire process in the inaugural year. The Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire was the first Mini Maker Faire in the world produced by students and has paved a way for students in other cities to follow.