Bridgeport man charged with firing rifle toward hunting party


WATERVILLE — A rural Douglas County man is charged with assault for allegedly firing a rifle toward a family hunting for turkey near Bridgeport Bar.

Sheriff’s deputies say 67-year-old Lyle Robert Ostheller fired multiple rounds from his porch May 5 toward a father, daughter and grandfather who were hunting on public land near his residence off Highway 173, near Bridgeport Bar State Wildlife Recreation Area.

Ostheller’s home is adjacent to land owned by the Douglas County PUD and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The hunters said bullets from Ostheller’s property began to strike rocks and trees around them after they shot a turkey in the area.

Deputies said as many as 15 to 20 shots may have been fired, possibly from a .22-caliber rifle. They arrested Ostheller at his home Thursday, and Douglas County prosecutors filed two counts of second-degree assault against him on Monday.

Ostheller faces arraignment June 8 in Douglas County Superior Court.