Bidding Climbs to 2.2 Million for Wenatchee Federal Building

wenatchee federal building
Wenatchee Federal Building

The bidding climbs to $2,200,000 for the Wenatchee Federal Building as the auction continues. The most recent bid was submitted Wednesday by a new potential buyer. All six potential buyers are anonymous.

The City of Wenatchee is believed to be one of the interested parties. Mayor Frank Kuntz was authorized by the City Council to participate in the auction. The City is considering relocating City Hall and other services to the building.

The 4-story Federal building is located on about 3 acres of land on Yakima Street. The General Services Administration put the property on the auction block in March due to increased maintenance costs. The building is occupied by several lease holders including Social Security. The US Postal Service vacated the building last year and relocated to a new facility on Maple Street on the North end of town.

The auction will continue as long as the bidding continues. It will end if no bids are received within a 24 hour period. The winning high bid will then be reviewed by GSA before finalizing the sale.