Arson suspect in Democratic HQ incident indicted by feds

The Thomas S.. Foley U.S. Courthouse in Spokane.

SPOKANE — The Grand Coulee man who allegedly tried to set fire to Spokane Democratic headquarters last month has now been charged in federal court.

A grand jury indicted 45-year-old Peter James Yeager on Tuesday on a charge of “damage by fire to a building used in interstate commerce.” Yeager is accused of warning people out of the building Dec. 9 by saying he had a bomb, then starting a small fire using gasoline, oil, a roll of toilet paper and a camping lighter. He did not have any explosives.

Spokane police said Yeager told them he wanted to strike out against elites within the government system. He could face up to a 20-year prison sentence, and remains held in the Spokane County Jail on half a million dollars’ bond.