Apple Blossom Top 25 Royalty Candidates Selected

Apple Blossom royalty court candidates announced.


WENATCHEE- The 2018 Washington State Apple Blossom Festival got a kickstart this week with the selection of the top 25 Royalty Court candidates.

Photo provided by Wa. State Apple Blossom Festival

The candidates with an (E) are from Eastmont High School, those with a (W) are from Wenatchee High School and those with an (R) are from The River Academy:

Front Row L to R: Gretta Wiersma (W), Ashley Turner (W), Brooke Mott (E), Aryana Villafuerte (R), Eloise Sheets (W), Catrina Russ (W), Estela Navarro (W)

Second Row: Brynn Sherrell (R), Diana Rios (W), Rebecca Hall (E), Shayn Stanaway (E), Kailie Wulf (W), Emma Yenney (W)

Third Row: Grace Black (W), Ellie Gold (W), Chellbie Johnston (W), Sophie Castillo (W), Jessica Murray (W), Karmen Lange (E) Top Row: Sheyla Gonzalez (W), Grace Dorey (W), Lauren Thompson (W), Veronica Joya (W), Olivia Forsberg (W), Kirin Ryles (W).

The Candidates will be honored at a reception that is FREE and open to the public on Tuesday, January 9, at the Numerica Performing Arts Center of Wenatchee, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival starts its two-week run on April 26th.