Apple Blossom Festival Junior Royalty Crowned

Jr Royalty

The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival has announces the 2017 Junior Royalty.  Queen is Annika Erho from Valley Academy of Learning.  The two Princesses are both from Sterling Middle School and are Carys Williams and Natalie Severson.

The Junior Royalty Program is sponsored by Dr. Cara Schroeder Children’s Dentistry.

All participants submitted a 200 word or less essay based on the question: If you could be friends with any character from your favorite book, who would it be, and why? The young ladies were judged on creativity, originality, topic development, spelling, and grammar.  Judges are also asked to make sure they truly feel it is a fifth graders work.

Based on that criteria the 10 girls listed belowr were selected as Top Ten Jr. Royalty Candidates.

  1. Katherine Dunlop Daughter of Cynthia Konicke and Alex Dunlop.   School: Sunnyslope Elementary
    2. Annika ErhoDaughter of Olya and David Erho.   School: Valley Academy of Learning
    3. Savannah Howe Daughter of Erik and Alison Howe.   School: The River Academy
    4. Alexza Kind Daughter of Melissa and Rick Kind.    School: Columbia Elementary School
    5. Mari Lyons Daughter of Greg and Rebecca Lyons.   School: Sunnyslope Elementary
    6. Sophie Macon Daughter of Kendra Macon and Robert Karpiscak.   School: Sunnyslope Elementary
    7. Evangeline Rudell Daughter of David and Laura Rudell.   School:  Lewis & Clark Elementary
    8. Natalie Severson Daughter of Eric and Sara Severson.   School: Sterling Middle School
    9. Lauren West Daughter of Darcy and Eric West.   School: Sunnyslope Elementary
    10. Carys WilliamsDaughter of Zach and Amy Williams.   School: Sterling Middle School

These girls were given a writing topic and each had a writing session on February 28th to determine the winners.