Apple Blossom Candidate Abby Wilt

Top Ten Candidate Abby Wilt

Abby is the daughter of Bob and Jackie Wilt. She’s a varsity swimmer and Features Editor for her school newspaper. Abby also serves as Publicity Coordinator for her High School and is a Community Service and Fundraising Officer for DECA. She is a member of National Honor Society and Young Life. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, painting, skiing, and going to coffee with friends. After graduation, Abby plans to attend a four-year university to Major in Secondary Education with a Minor in Non-Profit Management.

Abby’s favorite things

Abby’s favorite TV show is Friends, and her favorite movie is The Sound of Music. “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles is her favorite song and her favorite book is Love Does by Bob Goff. Abby says she’s most inspired by her High School swim coach. And her most treasured keepsake is a collection of Polaroid pictures she has taken of friends and family.

Besides Apple Blossom, Abby says she loves to hike, go boating, and spend time at the shops and restaurants. Her proudest moment in life was representing the Wenatchee Valley as Junior Royalty Queen in Fifth grade. If Abby could trade places with anyone for a day, she would trade places with singer Adele.

Why Abby?

Abby feels she should represent the Wenatchee Valley because she has loved growing up in the Valley and would like to give back. She believes she’s a strong role model and would represent our community well.

Watch the pageant on NCWLIFE

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