Anti-abortion groups plan peaceful protests


Anti-abortion groups from throughout the country will be in Wenatchee Saturday with a wide variety of events planned, including a demonstration of sorts during the Apple Blossom Grand Parade.

The organizers also have circulated the Wenatchee home address of U.S. District Judge Stanley Allen Bastian. Bastian in late April ordered a preliminary injunction against a Trump administration rule that would have banned family planning clinics that receive federal money from offering abortion services or referrals. Wenatchee Police Chief Steve Crown said officers are aware of the planned protests. However, Chief Crown said giving out the address of Judge Bastian does raise the concern level.

T. Russell Hunter, the Oklahoma founder of Abolish Human Abortion, will be one of the speakers at the anti-abortion events and told NCWLIFE he expects any demonstrations to be peaceful and informative. As far as giving out the judge’s home address, Hunter said he is confident it was not done with any malicious intent.