Animal control reports dog bite incident in Cashmere

dog bite

CASHMERE-Wenatchee Valley Animal Care & Control received a call regarding a dog bite that happened on Thursday 07/20//2017 between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m.

The bite occurred at the intersection of Elberta Ave & Woodring St in Cashmere. The dog owner is described as being an average height, white male that walks in the area on a regular basis  with his dogs.

The suspect usually walks with a larger, white fluffy dog on a leash and a Blue Healer type dog that is mostly off leash.The bite dog is the Blue healer type dog.

Verification of a current rabies vaccination is needed for this dog. If anyone recognizes this suspect please call Wenatchee Valley Animal Care & Control at 509-662-9577 ext 1.

(Courtesy of Wenatchee Valley Humane Society)