All those planes flying around the valley are part of a movie being filmed here

Photo by Eric Forhan

If it seems like there has been a lot of unusual aircraft in the Wenatchee Valley skies recently, that’s because there has been.

All that activity is part of filming for a movie, reportedly a Korean War movie.

Producers of the movie haven’t had much to say about what they’re up to, but officials connected with Pangborn Memorial Airport confirm there’s a movie in the works.

Numerous military-style airplanes from that era are currently at the airport.

About 30 people are in Wenatchee working on the movie, which reportedly is no small deal and has a major studio distributor.

Numerous people from Chelan to Lake Wenatchee to Cashmere to Wenatchee have reported seeing the planes and have photos and video to prove it.

One Wenatchee-area resident said she called police after a plane and helicopter were flying low above her property. She said they told her it was probably related to a movie being filmed.

Numerous people have posted photos on the Wenatchee Valley Crime and News Facebook page.

Photo by Eric Forhan