After lengthy standoff, stolen vehicle, assault suspect surrenders outside Oroville


A stolen vehicle suspect barricaded himself in an outbuilding outside Oroville for close to two and a half hours Sunday before surrendering without incident, the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Okanogan County Sheriff’s deputies had earlier been told that Jon DeVon, 41, of Oroville was armed with a shotgun and had a list of four people “he wanted to get rid of.”

DeVon served 11 years in prison after being convicted of killing his 2-year-old stepson in 2006.

The owner of the stolen vehicle called police just after 4 p.m., adding that DeVon had pointed a shotgun at them a couple days earlier.

The vehicle was found at 99 Sawtells road just before 6 p.m. and the resident of that property told deputies Devon was in an outbuilding.

The building was surrounded and the North Central Washington Special Response Team and Sheriff’s Office negotiators were called in, and about 8:20 p.m. DeVon surrendered.

No shotgun was found.

DeVon faces numerous charges, including taking a motor vehicle without permission, first-degree assault, domestic violence and obstructing law enforcement.

He was released from prison in 2017 after an appeals court found an issue with jury selection and sent his case back to Okanogan County Superior Court for a retrial.

But instead of a new trial, he was recharged with second-degree manslaughter and sentenced to the time he’d already served.

Jon DeVon