Additional share of state’s sales tax could benefit Chelan County


Chelan County could be in line to recover additional shares of the State’s sales tax to fund adorable housing projects.

The funding is made available through a new program authorized by the Legislature in the last session.

Commissioner Doug England says a shortage of adequate, low incoming housing effects all areas of the county.

“We have people who live in Entiat and as far away as Brewster that travel every day to work in the valley and we need to make places these people can afford,” England said.

Commissioner Kevin Overbay says the County and its small cities could be eligible to recover up to 1.5 cents a year of additional State sales tax proceeds.

“Basically Congress has the say when it comes to making the rules and they are hoping to have them out by October,” Overbay said.

Commissioners emphasize that this is not a new or additional local sales tax but a remittance from the State’s share.

The current sales tax rate is 6.5%.

Local sales and use tax rates vary from 0.5-3.9%, depending on the location.