911 “functioning normally” again

911 outage
Wenatchee RiverCom Emergency Dispatch Center

Update Friday 12:22 PM

911 service has been restored to Chelan and Douglas County following an outage that began Thursday evening and spread across the United States. RiverCom officials report the system affecting land lines and cell phones is “functioning normally and appears stable.”

Original story:

WENATCHEE, WA.-Several emergency call services across the state continue to experience a 911 outage that began Thursday evening. RiverCom Dispatch Center in Wenatchee notified NCWLIFE of the outage at 8:39 PM last night. The outage affects both land line and cell phones.

Nationwide outage

It was a Nationwide outage according to Washington State Trooper Rick Johnson. Its reported to be in connection with a Century Link internet breakdown at the Company’s Louisana service center. During the outage agencies continue to ask people to call them direct at their regular business office numbers. Douglas and Chelan County residents were asked to call 509-663-9911. Grant County residents were advised to call MACC Dispatch Center.

Intermittent service reported

RiverCom Shift Supevisor, Jason Ayers reported that 911 service had been restored following system tests at 4:35 AM. The system reportedly went down again shortly before 7 AM. Ayers said some 911 calls are being received but residents are advised to continue using the regular business line to report an emergency. There is no information yet concerning the cause of Thursday’s outage.