9-11 Memorial in Cashmere Looks Back 16 Years

Honoring those who gave their lives, hundreds gather in Cashmere to remember


CASHMERE, WA – Today, 16-years ago, was a somber day for our country and the world. Terrorist acts in New York City, Washington D.C. and rural Pennsylvania changed our lives forever.  Residents in North Central Washington have a memorial statue in Cashmere to help remember those brave, first-reponders who perished on those attacks in 2001.

Over 100 people were on hand Monday morning at 11:11 for a memorial service at the 9-11 Memorial Statue in Cashmere.  Trumpets played, fire trucks and emergency vehicles were gathered around and an American flag hung at half-staff in recognition of that faithful day 16-years ago.

Former Chelan County Commissioner Tom Green says the statue found its way to Cashmere and has been a symbolic message for residents throughout the state.  “We won it from the Spirit of America Foundation, which gave us the statue to display in Cashmere,” said Green.  “The statue, along with a piece of the World Trade Center and a piece of the Pentagon, went on a tour all around Eastern Washington and Cashmere was one of four finalist cities to have a chance of being the home to the statue.”  Green added, “…the committee selected Cashmere to receive the 9-11 statue because of the values they saw reflected in Cashmere is what they wanted.”

In December, 2001, Congress designated September 11th of each year as Patriot Day.  And subsequently, in April 2009, the Congress requested the observance of September 11th as an annually recognized National Day of Service and Remembrance.  On this day, it is recommended to fly the American Flag at half-mast.

Active and retired military were on hand in silent recognition and to speak out in a salute to those who gave so much on September 11, 2001.  The purpose of the 9-11 Memorial in Cashmere, is to perpetuate the future generations of the patriotism and unity that we experienced 16-years ago today.

Green also presented the “Spirit of America Award.”  He quoted off the plaque during the presentation:  “The Spirit of America Award is presented to David Lewis for distinguished leadership and patriotism by demonstrating exemplary service as President and CEO of the Spirit of America Foundation by personally educating thousands about the tragic events of 9-11 and inspiring everyone he met to never forget the lives lost on that faithful day and to also understand the memorial’s broader significance for our country and, in turn, world.”

Mr. Lewis addressed the crowd regarding the Memorial Statue.  “Like our four representatives that represent everything that our country stands for, we look to the future with hope, strength, determination and faith…and thank a gracious god above for the wonderful freedom that this country so enjoys.”

The 9-11 Memorial Statue is in Cashmere’s Riverside Park.