70-year-old woman arrested in Cashmere homicide


CASHMERE — Sheriff’s deputies say a Cashmere woman phoned police early Saturday morning to tell them she had just killed her elderly mother.

Anita Burgess Jones, 70, remains jailed today on suspicion of homicide, with Chelan County deputies seeking a murder charge in the death of 96-year-old Katherine Burgess Wiczai. Investigators say Jones admitted bludgeoning her mother with a statuette, strangling her, and stabbing her with a steakknife.

Jones called to report the murder about 2 a.m. Saturday. Deputies found the victim’s body in the home she shared with Jones in the 400 block of Pioneer Avenue. Jones has been the listed owner of the house since 2005, and has no prior criminal record.

Burnett said investigators believe Jones acted alone. She allegedly admitted to painkiller addiction, and told deputies she heard voices in her head.

Jones is due to make a first appearance this afternoon in Chelan County Superior Court. She’s been held since Saturday without bond.