7-year old Coen Binger boosts Toy Drive with shopping spree


Coen Binger is a 7th grader at the River Academy. He’s all boy. His “boyness” was challenged Wednesday during a $1,500 spending spree at Hooked on Toys to benefit the Les Schwab Community Toy Drive.

Les Schwab Community Toy Drive Expert Shopper Coen Binger

Les Schwab Community Toy Drive Expert Shopper Coen Binger

His mother, Becky, had to convince him he needed to also pick out toys suitable for girls during his shopping adventure. As you can see by our video, it was a challenge for him to do so. But he did it. In fact, Binger filled seven shopping carts full of toys for boys and girls in the Wenatchee Valley.

Asked what he thought a child opening one of the toys he picked out would say at Christmas, Binger said, “Good Selection!” Coen was a bustle of excitement has Toy Drive volunteers followed him around with cameras and smiles as he shopped.

Kid shoppers have become tradition

The “Expert Kid Shopper” has become a staple of the Toy Drive. Child-shoppers are given a dollar amount ($1,500 in this case) to select toys for other needy children.

Coen kept constant track of how many shopping carts he filled throughout today’s adventure. His constant refrain as he selected the perfect toy from the Hooked on Toys shelf was, “Oh! This is cool!”

As a reward, Binger was able to select a toy for himself. He picked out a “very cool” lime-green-and-black, remote control car. Coen and mom were all smiles as they left Hooked on Toys to head back to school. It was an excellent excuse to miss class for a couple hours.

The Les Schwab Community Toy Drive continues throughout December. Toys will go to over 1,400 local children through six organizations. They include Serve Wenatchee Valley, CASA, Children’s Home Society, Bruce House, SAGE and Cashmere Cares.

For more information about the Toy Drive, go to their Facebook page or their website at www.lstoydrive.org.