Sun Cove murderer wins new look at his 19-year sentence

Oscar A. Alden, convicted in the 2013 shooting death of Tom Maks.

SPOKANE — A Douglas County judge must consider whether the killer in a 2013 murder at Sun Cove resort was properly sentenced.

Oscar Alden of Snohomish, 30, is serving a 19-year sentence for fatally shooting Tom Maks of Lake Tapps. After a confrontation in which Maks harassed and assaulted Alden and others at the resort near Orondo, Maks was down on all fours when Alden shot him once in the head.

The Douglas County jury denied Alden’s claim of self-defense and
convicted him of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter. Alden’s appeal to overturn the verdict was turned down in 2016.

But in a new personal restraint petition challenging his sentence, Alden says his defense lawyers should have introduced evidence of his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to argue for a lesser prison term. The state Court of Appeals now says the Superior Court must hold a hearing on the matter within 90 days. 

Alden remains in custody at Clallam Bay Corrections Center.