Wenatchee High School student arrested for cyberstalking other students


An 18-year-old Wenatchee High School student has been arrested on cyberstalking charges after allegedly harassing other students on Twitter.

Capt. Edgar Reinfeld of the Wenatchee Police Department said Everett S. Anderson is accused of using the Twitter account @WenatcheeE, or Wenatchee Exposed, to taunt students. That included making fun of a boy who had committed suicide, saying he would not be allowed into heaven, but sent to hell.

Reinfeld said what Anderson was allegedly posting was “pretty horrible stuff.”

That included a video posted on Twitter about a pair of Wenatchee High School siblings implying they were in a sexual relationship. The video claimed that one of the siblings had raped the other.

The mother of those students reported the video to Twitter, who refused to take it down, Reinfeld said.

Police began investigating in November after receiving a complaint. They were able to track down Anderson after filing a search warrant with Twitter.

Police later searched Anderson’s home and seized an iPod and computer that had been used to make the posts, Reinfeld said.

The account has been shut down but old posts directed at @WenatcheeE dating back to 2017, show how unhappy people were with his actions. Those include one person posting last February “does it honestly make you feel good about yourself being rude to others?”

On Sept. 30, another person wrote “Your (sic) just a coward behind a screen making fun of people but the truth always comes out.”

One young girl who apparently was being targeted by @WenatcheeE in February, 2017, wrote “obviously I’m comfortable with who I am today so I don’t care what you post about me … bring it.”

Anderson also apparently was active on Snapchat under the user name @roastwenatchee.