Cinder The Bear Killed by Hunter

Photo provided by Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center

WINTHROP, WA.-A black bear named Cinder that was badly burned in the 2014 Carlton Complex Fire and was released back into the forest following a year-long rehabilitation was found dead earlier this fall. A Washington State Fish and Wildlife official reported the young female bear had been shot by a hunter and her skeletal remains were found in September near where she was released in 2015.

Cinder being treated photo provided by Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care

Fish and Wildlife bear specialist, Rich Beausoleil told the Methow Valley News that Cinder’s GPS radio collar had stopped working in October. He says it appeared that the bear was killed last year by a hunter who cut the collar and left it at the site.

Cinder would have been five years old. She became a symbol of the Methow Valley’s recovery from the devastating Carlton Complex Fire after she was found severely burned by an Okanogan County property owner. Beausoleil says she was in good health when they checked on her in February of last year.