Dispute Continues Over North Cascades Grizzly Plan

grizzly bears

WENATCHEE, WA.- A Chelan County Commissioner’s comments opposing plans to bring grizzly bears into the North Cascades Wilderness are being criticized as inaccurate by an official with the group, Conservation Northwest. Steve Hair reports. .

The North Cascades Grizzly  reintroduction plans are the subject of an ongoing environmental impact study which was recently started back up on orders by US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

The EIS considers four options, starting with no-action at all and three other options calling for varying degrees of importation — 10 bears, 25 bears, or many more. Animals of appropriate age and sex would be trapped in Montana or British Columbia and released in remote sites in the North Cascades, there to live and reproduce. The goal is a population of 200 bears within 25 to 100 years.