Summer Wildfire Damage Threatens High Country Water Reservoir

8-Mile Lake serves Icicle and Peshastin Irrgation District


WENATCHEE, WA.-The impacts from last summer’s Jack Creek fire could impact a major source of water for the Upper Wenatchee Valley. Steve Hair reports for NCWLIFE News.

The fire in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness burned near one of the reservoirs that serves the Icicle and Peshastin Irrigation Districts. Over the past year the irrigation district has been collaborating in a working group with the County and a variety of other stakeholders including environmental organizations on plans to increase the reservoirs capacity. Chelan County Commissioner Keith Goehner says the after effects of the wildfire such as possible storm runoff could expedite work on one of the lakes.

Funding Sought for Wenatchee River Tributary Dams

On another front Goehner said the County is also looking to the State for help in funding a pilot project that would involve the use of natural dams to increase water storage on streams that feed the Wenatchee River. He says they’re seeking a budget appropriation to pay for a series of small water catchment basins in those watersheds to help maintain storage capacity during the summer months. Goehner said the County is working with Senator Brad Hawkins to obtain State funding for the Wenatchee River watershed projects.