18-year-old charged in harassment of robbery victim


WENATCHEE — Wenatchee police say an 18-year-old suspect set out to intimidate the victim of an armed robbery via Snapchat.

Chelan County prosecutors charged Brian Solis on Monday with a single count of witness tampering. He allegedly sent threatening Snapchat messages to a victim robbed by Alan Meza Duarte, also 18, who pleaded guilty Wednesday to second-degree robbery and received a 366-day prison sentence.

Meza Duarte robbed two youths at gunpoint in Wenatchee last September, after they drove from Okanogan County to buy marijuana. He took a backpack, cell phones and a portable speaker in the robbery near Springwater Avenue. The juveniles said Meza Duarte held a handgun on them while he took their belongings.

While Meza Duarte’s case awaited trial, Solis allegedly sent Snapchat messages to one of the victims, including a picture of the victim himself and a message that read “free my homie.”

Police booked Solis into the Chelan County jail on Thursday; he remains there on $50,000 bond.