16 months for Waterville man who solicited sex, threatened teenager


WATERVILLE — A Waterville man who proposed a sexual encounter between himself, his wife and a 15-year-old boy, but grew enraged and made armed threats after his wife had sex with the youth without his presence, will now spend 16 months in prison.

Dylan L. O’Gara-Smith, 23, pleaded guilty Monday in Douglas County Superior Court to seven charges including felony harassment, third-degree assault, communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, and discharging a firearm. Judge Brian Huber imposed the 16-month sentence — the high end of the standard sentencing range for the most serious of the offenses.

O’Gara-Smith’s wife, 22-year-old Adreanna Renee Jones, still faces a felony charge of third-degree child rape.

Prosecutors said the couple became acquainted with the 15-year-old in summer 2019, and O’Gara-Smith solicited the youth that August to join him and Jones for a sexual encounter. The victim told investigators that proposal never came to pass, but that Jones had sex with him when he went to the couple’s house in late October, while O’Gara-Smith was absent. Jones admitted to the incident, sheriff’s deputies said.

After learning of that incident days later, O’Gara-Smith phoned the victim and made threats to harm him, and walked through Waterville carrying a shotgun. Deputies said at one point, he fired off a shot.

O’Gara-Smith was held in the Okanogan County Jail for a week before posting $25,000 bond. He was again arrested last May 28 after confronting the victim at a Waterville park, physically assaulting him and again threatening to shoot him.

O’Gara-Smith must also served 12 months on supervision after his release, and have no contact with the victim.

Jones is scheduled to enter a plea in her statutory rape charge later this week. Third-degree rape of a child carries a standard 12- to 14-month sentencing range.