12th District Candidates Meet in Forum


Chamber Hosts 12th District Candidate Forum

WENATCHEE, WA – The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a second candidate’s forum in consecutive days this morning at Pybus Public Market. Today’s guests were candidates running for two positions in the 12th Legislative District. Position 1 being vacated by Cary Condotta. Position 2 being two candidates challenging the incumbent, Mike Steele…

Only one candidate was not present, Democratic candidate C Keiki Stacy Weigle, who is on her son’s graduation trip to Hawaii. Ballots for the August 7th Primary Election are being mailed out Friday.

Candidate JD Greening

JD Greening (Republican) – “A little background about me, born and raised (in Wenatchee) obviously and I moved up to Waterville my senior year in high school where I completed and graduated.  After I graduated I joined the U.S. Navy.  After the U.S. Navy I got my degree in Political Science at Eastern Washington University.  I started working for the State Legislature on the Capital Budget Committee.  And then I started working for Congressman Reichert, which represents the area of Wenatchee in the 8th Congressional District.  After he announced his retirement of course in August, I took a look at my next steps and decided to move back to Washington.”

Candidate Ann Diamond

Candidate Ann Diamond (Independent) – “Health means having a roof over your head, and having food on the table, and having secure neighborhoods and safe schools.  That is part of the reason I’m running.  Another part of why I’m running is that I’m tired of hearing about one party saying one thing, and another party saying another and them digging in.  Because, in that fight, the voices of my patients and all of you get lost.  So I’m running Independent.

Candidate Keith Goehner

Candidate Keith Goehner (Republican) – “When you pass more regulations down to small business, you’ve created another unfunded mandate to that business that has to come out of their bottom line.  So my motivation and one of the reasons that I feel like I’m qualified to do this is my background in agriculture.  I’ve been dealing with tourism, which is a major industry here in the district.  And those are the things that the message needs to get to Olympia about how legislation impacts the people who are really trying to create jobs and help people live better lives.”

Incumbent Mike Steele

Incumbent Mike Steele (Republican) – “One of the things that I’m really passionate about, and one of the things I want to see continuing as discussion points in Olympia, is current technical education; career-connected learning; economic development obviously; and job growth in rural communities like ours.  Those are really important points.  And as someone who has a background in economic development, I really want to focus on ways we can bring those living-wage jobs to the 12th Legislative District.  The other thing I hear a lot about as I travel around the district and have traveled around the district in the last two years, is work-force housing.”

Candidate Alan Fahnestock

Candidate Alan Fahnestock (Independent) – “Basically I am incredibly tired of the binary character of politics these days.  It’s either Republican, or it’s Democrat, or whatever.  And that simply does not work.  I have neither been either.  I think that I am in a position to understand the points of view of both.  I’m running independently because, basically, I’m not a joiner and I preferred to keep ideology out of it.”

Candidate Valerie Sarratt

Candidate Valerie Sarratt (Democrat) – “One of my focuses would be to really inform people about what’s going on and what are the different perspectives.  And especially what are some of the ramifications of the decisions that are being made at the State.  Because a lot of times we’ll hear very simplistic ideas about trickle down and how that’s gonna work just fine.  Or, cutting back on regulations on small businesses will immediately allow them to flourish and it’s not that simple.”

Voters should be receiving their ballots in the mail today and this weekend for the August 7th Primary Election.  The top two vote-getters will advance to the November General Election.

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